Coating Aluminum

Aluminum and SilcoTek's Coating Process

The physical properties of aluminum (Al) alloys are versatile and ideal for use in a variety of manufacturing or industrial applications.  These unique properties, however, can present challenges to surface treatment providers like SilcoTek®.  Aluminum is, to some extent, weakened at temperatures in excess of 100° C.  Because of the temperature related strength limitations associated with aluminum:

*SilcoTek does not recommend coating cylinders or any other aluminum product that will be pressurized or used in high stress applications.

SilcoTek's CVD coating process reaches temperatures as high as 450° C and the silicon-based coatings aren't compatible with some specific elements in certain Al alloys.

Aluminum Substrate Requirements


With this in mind, SilcoTek maintains specifications for processing aluminum parts.  SilcoTek does not recommend coating aluminum parts that will be pressurized during use, e.g. sample cylinders.  Our processing temperature can weaken the strength of the substrate.  The table below illustrates process compatibility with common series of Al alloys:

Al Alloy Compatible Incompatible
1000 series  
2000 series  
3000 series  
4000 series  
5000 series  
6000 series  
7000 series  

Numerous companies rely on SilcoTek's coatings to protect and enhance their most critical aluminum products.  Contact us to ensure optimal processing of your aluminum parts.


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