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We're the coating experts but don't sell finished products, so we've partnered with industry leaders to make your purchasing process easier.

Getting a final coated product to market or the field can be complex.  That’s why we built the Approved Partner network.  Our approved value-added resellers (VARs) and OEM partners have already done the work for you and make buying coated products easy.  It’s a fast and easy process that lets you pick from the best coated products available from the most reliable suppliers.  You can buy coated components off the shelf from a VAR, work directly with an OEM, or both!  Just click the Approved Partner button directly below to go to our coated products listing page.  You’ll get an informative product listing as well as coated product benefits, applications, and information explaining how to purchase SilcoTek-coated products directly from our partners.

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Purchase coated components from Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

VARs stock coated parts like tubing, valves, fittings, regulators, and more for quick shipment.  Benefits of working with a VAR include:

  • Faster lead times
  • A simpler process for getting coated parts into your hands and ready to use
  • Knowledgeable sales personnel who are trained by SilcoTek® and can answer your questions

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Buy enhanced products, systems, and instruments from OEMs

OEMs integrate SilcoTek coatings into their final products to maximize performance.  Benefits of working with an OEM include:

  • The ability to collaborate and fine-tune a solution for your unique needs
  • One point of contact for getting a final coated product - no need to manage multiple vendors
  • Experienced technical staff who know the SilcoTek coating process and how to get the right product for your application

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Have a question about a coating application?

Ask the experts.

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Go to our FAQ page, or contact our Technical Service Team.  We're here to help you select the best coating for your application and keep your coating surface running at peak performance.

Our team can:

  • Recommend the best surface preparation, coating maintenance, and test methods for your application
  • Offer the latest coating test data that best fits your application
  • Team up with your R&D staff to perform evaluation testing and product optimization
  • Offer test samples at no charge