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SilcoTek® only provides our coatings on a service basis.  Partnering with us to offer a "direct line" to coated products will help you surpass your competitors.

From industry giants to small labs, organizations around the world rely on SilcoTek-coated products for game-changing surface properties in their most challenging applications.  High performance is critical, but product availability, fast delivery, and knowledgeable technical support are even more important.  Partner with us to provide better solutions to your customers and grow your sales.

Why should your company consider becoming an Approved Partner with SilcoTek®?

  • You will increase your sales into new applications requiring enhanced surface properties like chemical inertness, corrosion resistance, and more

  • Your company will surpass its competitors by diversifying your product line and promoting your relationship with us, a recognized coatings leader

  • Your customers will experience performance similar to exotic materials without paying high prices or dealing with long lead times

  • As an Approved Partner, you will have the full support of the SilcoTek team to ensure your success - marketing, sales training, technical expertise, and regular communication

To apply for Approved Partner status, please complete the short form below and a representative from SilcoTek will contact you.  Want to see how our current Partners are doing it?  Just click the blue Approved Partner button here:  

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Go to our FAQ page, or contact our Technical Service Team.  We're here to help you select the best coating for your application and keep your coating surface running at peak performance.

Our team can:

  • Recommend the best surface preparation, coating maintenance, and test methods for your application
  • Offer the latest coating test data that best fits your application
  • Team up with your R&D staff to perform evaluation testing and product optimization
  • Offer test samples at no charge