Buying and Using Our Coatings

A Quick Reference Guide

A Helpful Guide to Selecting, Purchasing, and Using SilcoTek Coatings

SilcoTek® offers CVD coating solutions to make your products perform better, but wading through coating data, applications, and purchasing options can be daunting.  Here's a quick reference guide that takes the stress out of finding and using the right coating for your application.  Of course, we're always here to help!  You can contact us and you'll quickly speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.  We'll be happy to walk you through the coating selection, purchase, and use process to make buying and using our coatings easy!  


The First Steps. About Us, Our Coatings, and Applications

You can learn about our coatings and how we solve coating problems by reading our e-book, SilcoTek 101.

Learn More About Our Coatings Get SilcoTek 101

Next get a quick run down of our process and how we coat your products at our coating facility.  

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Have questions about our coatings?  Learn about our coating properties in this handy guide.

Our Coatings



What's this coating used for?
A tough, corrosion resistant, inert, hydrophobic coating. Ideal for oil and gas, chemical processing, refining, and other demanding environments. Also offers very low surface energy for easy cleaning and non-stick properties. Dursan: Improves chemical inertness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel while significantly improving surface moisture resistance (hydrophobicity) and wear resistance.



What's this coating used for?
The original, most inert and chemically compatible coating available on the market. SilcoNert 1000 (formerly Silcosteel®): A general purpose barrier coating. SilcoNert 2000 (formerly Siltek®/Sulfinert®): A required coating when analyzing low levels of active, reactive, organo-sulfur, and many more active compounds.



What's this coating used for?
A corrosion and oxidation resistant coating that increases the lifetime of system components. Excellent for high temperature applications. Silcolloy (formerly Silcosteel®-CR) improves corrosion resistance of stainless steel by an order of magnitude in chlorides & acidic environments. An inert, oxidation resistant coating able to withstand extreme high temperature and low temperature environments.



What's this coating used for?
A non-stick coating specifically designed to reduce the onset of carbon coking and fouling on stainless steel at high temperature. SilcoKlean (formerly Silcosteel®-AC) reduces carbon coking or fouling by up to 8x on stainless steel.



What's this coating used for?
A low outgassing, rapid pump down, high purity coating designed to improve performance in ultra high vacuum, mass spec, and semiconductor systems. SilcoGuard (formerly Silcosteel-UHV) reduces outgassing by 14x and significantly improves vacuum pump down in semiconductor and research systems.


Dursox-logo registered TM

What's this coating used for?
Dursox is an inert corrosion resistant silicon barrier coating formulated especially for high purity semiconductor fabrication processes. Dursox improves corrosion resistance by 10x or more while reducing ion contamination in semiconductor processes.

Go to our Coating Applications page to learn about how our coatings perform in your industry and application.

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Gas Chromatography (GC)

Semiconductor Manufacturing


Refinery & Petrochemical

Medical Diagnostic and IVD



Offshore & Marine



Oil and Gas Upstream

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Silcoguard header collageContact our Technical Service Team to discuss your application with a coating expert.  We can recommend the best coating for your application and can provide test data relating to coating that best solve your material problem.  Our team can also discuss the best ways to evaluate our coatings.  We can provide free test coupons to help compare the performance of our coatings.

extrusion and mold release header 2Determining the best coating depends on several factors:

  • Desired benefit. Ie, corrosion, inertness, non stick, etc.
  • Environment.  Temperature exposure, chemical exposure and compatibility, environmental conditions and use are all factors to consider when selecting a coating.  Get our Coating Compatibility Guide:

  • Part material and configuration.  Part size, part material, part configuration/design, allowable handling and fixturing points, and handling/packaging restrictions are also key factors to consider.

Our team is here to help with your coating selection.  You can go to our coating recommendations page or contact our customer service team for help selecting the right coating for your application.


Have questions about our coatings?  Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  You'll likely find the answer to your coating question there.  Or contact our technical service team.  We're here to help address any coating question.  

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Digging Deeper, Researching and Testing Our Coatings

Go to our learning center to get the latest coating data, whitepapers, technical insights and studies done by independent researchers in your industry.  You'll get access to:

  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentations
  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Coating Specifications
  • Coating Data Sheets
  • Coating Application Notes
  • Coating care tips 
  • Technical blog posts on coatings


Click here to visit the Learning Center


Testing a coating can be challenging and time consuming.  We recommend you consult with our R&D coating experts to assist in establishing a coating evaluation plan that effectively tests a coating and provides meaningful results. 

SilcoTek also has an extensive in-house testing capability and has access to highly sophisticated coating evaluation technology.

Get Our Complete List of Material Characterization Capabilities 

No worries, we're here to help!  If you're not sure about testing coatings or how to evaluate coatings, we can help.  Our coating experts can help set up a test, recommend test conditions and help with data management and interpreting the data.  We may have relevant test data in house that can make a coating evaluation easier.  Contact our technical staff to discuss your evaluation needs.

Establishing coating specifications should reflect your company's need and establish parameters needed to achieve your material performance goals as well as meet your logistical requirements.  We offer coating specifications to help guide you in setting the performance requirements you need.  

Get Coating Specifications


At SilcoTek®, intellectual property is our business.  Our innovative coatings and technologies play a key part in thousands of products and processes worldwide.  Protecting our IP is part of our core strategic goals; that's why we go to great lengths to protect both the customer and our patents and trademarks.  Non disclosure agreements, and IP protection is vital to maintaining customer trust in our operations.

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If you're interested in coating your products at your location, we offer coating licensing opportunities for high volume producers.

Learn About SilcoTek  Licensing Opportunities


The Coating Purchase Process

SilcoTek prices a coating order based on part configuration, any special processing needs, part quantity and part size.  A big part will cost more than a small fitting for example.  The per piece price for a a higher volume order will be much less than a one-off single piece order.  Because price varies with part size and quantity and other order specific factors, we price orders individually.  But we can give you some general examples of the price and value our coatings offer.  In these examples the estimated price is for a single part.  There are substantial discounts for higher volume orders.  We also can offer alternative pricing to help with supply chain management and overall coating value, like batch pricing or kanban support.  Basically, call us and we'll work with you however we can.

Here are some examples of part pricing.  These are just examples, prices will vary depending on the factors noted above.  In our examples, we compare the cost of a coated stainless steel component with a similar product made from stainless steel and a superalloy.  Generally our coated part costs more than an uncoated stainless part, but much less than the superalloy.  

Cost comparison with Hastelloy and Dursan Tubing cost comparison Bellows valve cost comparison

Our Customer Service Team is here to provide product support and respond to your request for a coating quote.  You can contact our Customer Service Team by email, online, or by phone.

You can also buy coated products directly from the manufacturer.  Many companies offer our coatings to enhance the performance of their products.  Learn more about where to buy coated products:

Buy Coated Products   Directly From The Manufacturer

SilcoTek has sales reps worldwide.  If you'd like to discuss your application and purchase coatings through a local sales office, find a sales office near you.

Find a SilcoTek Sales Representative Near You 


When we quote your order, we'll also send you shipping instructions containing important information relating to your order and how to send parts to us for coating.  Following the shipping instructions will improve your order experience and response. 

To get more information about shipping parts to SilcoTek, go to our Shipping Instructions Page.


Manufacturing Capabilities and Support

  • Largest overall part size: 2.032m x .76m ID (80in x 29.92in)
  • Smallest part size: Approximately 1mm.  Call us to discuss.


SilcoTek offers two processes for coating tubes:

Coiled/Rolled Tubing  Coiled Tubing

  • Coated internally-only 
  • Maximum continuous length: 
Max coil length table (003)
  • Maximum coil OD for tubing > 1/16" OD: 36"
  • Maximum coil OD for tubing 1/16" OD or smaller: 18"
  • Must be shipped on a metal spool or bound with metal wire.  No spools made of wood, plastic, or other flammable materials.

Straight Tubing Sticks  Straight Tubes

  • Coated both internally and externally
  • Maximum length: 80"

Material compatibility 

Go to our material compatibility chart to learn about materials that can be coated.


Have more questions?  Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our coatings and capabilities.

Go To Our FAQ Page

CVD coatings are not sprayed on.  They require reactors and sophisticated process monitoring to assure a quality coating.  That's why we ask customers to ship their parts to us. 

We know that shipping parts to us can lead to supply chain problems.  That's why we try our best to coat parts and ship them back to you as soon as possible.  (within 10 working days or less).  We also offer other supply chain support to make doing business with SilcoTek easier:

  • Simplified shipping guidelines to assist folks when sending parts to us. 
  • Dedicated international logistics representative to help with overseas shipping and customs. 
  • Place and coordinate orders through one of our local sales representatives.
  • Kan ban and other supply chain support.
  • Work with your automated supply chain systems.


SilcoTek® is ISO 9001 certified by the independent auditing firm BSI America Inc.

Registration to ISO 9001 demonstrates SilcoTek’s commitment to Zero Customer Disappointments, continuous quality system improvement and customer service.  View our registration.

Certification - Once parts pass inspection and are packaged, they are certified compliant to the specification and/or other requirements as stated on the purchase order.  SilcoTek's coatings are compliant with other regulatory requirements such as REACH and RoHS32, as well as company-wide management system standards such as ISO 9001.  

SilcoTek's coatings do not require MSDS/SDS sheets.  Click here to view relevant coating compliance statements.


SilcoTek offers internal and external audits with appropriate non disclosure documents.  Contact any SilcoTek representative to arrange an audit.


Product Support and Building Relationships

Have questions about our coatings, coating performance, or use in your application?  Our Technical Service Team is here to help.  Contact us to discuss any questions you have about our coatings. 

Go to our Terms and Conditions page to learn about warranty and product support.

Get our Coating Care Guide to learn about how to get the most out of our coatings.

#CC-001 Coating Care Guide-thumbnail



Chemical exposure and compatibility issues that can reduce the life of our coatings.

Chemical Compatibility thumbnail

Tube bending guidelines to assure a high quality installation.

Tube bend guidelines thumbnail


Have a discovery?  Working on a new product or process?  Our coatings improve the performance of processes and products and have contributed to many papers highlighting breakthroughs in materials, analytical methods and systems. 

Go to our Coating Experts page to meet the people behind the coating technology.

Our coating scientists are here to assist you in developing new technologies and contribute to your paper or marketing efforts.  Contact our Technical Service Team to discuss your ideas and application.

FISHING core values low res

Placing follow-on orders is easy.  For high volume users all the hard work is done!  Just contact us and let us know what coating part number and quantity of parts to be coated and we'll do the rest!  Or place an order through our online order form and let us know you part is a follow on order.  


Watch Our Video to Learn More About Our Coating Service




Still have questions about buying and using our coatings?  We're here to help!  Have a Customer Service Representative contact you, our Customer Service staff and Technical Support staff are here to help guide you through the coating process.