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Get tips on how to care for SilcoTek CVD coated surfaces to ensure maximum performance and lifetime.  View, download, and share them with colleagues and customers who use SilcoTek® coated parts in their products and processes.  Have a question about coating care or a coating application?  Contact our Technical Service Team, or visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Go to our FAQ page, or contact our Technical Service Team.  We're here to help you select the best coating for your application and keep your coating surface running at peak performance.

Our team can:

  • Recommend the best surface preparation, coating maintenance, and test methods for your application
  • Offer the latest coating test data that best fits your application
  • Team up with your R&D staff to perform evaluation testing and product optimization
  • Offer test samples at no charge

Browse our coating care literature below to get the most out of your coating and products!  If you're looking for a specific topic, use our search feature below.


Coating Care Guide

CVD coating care tips to optimize performance and coating life.

Coating Care Webinar

Watch our coating care webinar to get the complete story on how to get the most out of SilcoTek coatings.

Removing Oil and Grease From Coated Surfaces

Watch how to remove oil and grease from a coated surface.  And watch how the coating seems to disappear and reappear!

Coating Sonication

Watch how particulates can be removed by sonication and understand the limits of ultrasonic cleaning.

How to Remove Rust From Stainless Steel

Surface preparation is an important factor in providing a durable, long lasting coating.  Learn how to prepare stainless steel surfaces by removing rust contamination.

Introductory Presentation, SilcoTek 101

Read our introductory presentation and learn about our CVD coating process and how our coatings can benefit your products and process.