Coating Selection Guide - Page 2

Need help finding the best coating for your application? Select the recommended coating solution for your application.


Active sites on stainless steel and glass can adsorb compounds and comprimise analytical accuracy and integrity. SilcoTek® inert coatings virtually eliminate sources of activity; assuring efficient, accurate analytical results.
            Injection Systems                                       Detector Fittings
            Headspace Systems                                   Vials
            Purge and Trap Components                     Inlet Liners
            Transfer Tubing

Marine, Subsea, and Topside

Seawater related corrosion is a significant cost. SilcoTek® coatings improve corrosion resistance and reduce operation maintenance cost.
            Fasteners                          Tube Bundles
            Instrumentation                 Fittings
            Stainless Steel                  Sample Cylinders


Prevent fouling and corrosion in aircraft and spacecraft. SilcoTek® coatings prevent efficiency robbing carbon fouling and prevent damaging corrosion of engine components.
            Fuel Transfer Systems                  Fuel nozzles & Injectors
            Lubrication lines                            Heat Exchangers


Pevent carryover and contamination while improving corrosion resistance and component lubricity. SilcoTek® inert, high durability coatings assure accurate, repeatable sampling while improving instrument durability and functionality.
            Diagnostic Equipment                     Sampling Probes and Needles
            Reactor Systems                            Glassware, vials and liners
            Valves & fittings                               Tubing


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