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SilcoTek® coatings are uniquely tailored to solve tough material problems in a variety of industries and applications. We offer custom coatings to solve challenging material problems for your demanding application. At SilcoTek, we partner with each customer to ensure we deliver the best coatings in an efficient and high-quality manner.  

The SilcoTek technology is unlike any other coating you've ever experienced. Unlike traditional dip or spray coatings, our CVD process is three-dimensional and non-line-of-sight, so even extremely complex part geometries can be uniformly treated. The advanced coating performance is all about surface chemistry, not thickness; the coatings are extremely thin (~1µm) and will not impact design tolerances, allowing you to use your materials of choice without costly re-engineering.

All our coatings are applied by our proprietary computer-controlled CVD systems and all outputs are monitored to ensure specifications are within acceptable limits.

Our patented CVD coating technology can be tailored to meet your specific application, whether by sending your parts to our facility for treatment or by licensing one of our patented technologies and performing the coating process at your facility.  

To learn more about SilcoTek's intellectual property, please visit  www.silcotek.com/ip.  Or watch our video.

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