Corrosion Resistant CVD Coatings for Stainless Steel and More

Get super alloy performance at a tenth of the cost.


 SilcoTek's corrosion resistant coatings prevent:

  • Frequent component replacement
  • Process or product contamination
  • High replacement and maintenance costs
  • Lost productivity due to excessive downtime

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Coating stainless steel with Dursan® or Silcolloy® is the most cost effective way to protect your investment.

Combine the performance you expect from Hastelloy® with the ideal machining properties of stainless steel.  SilcoTek's coatings offer protection to aggressive media across the pH range, including offshore or subsea, refinery, and chemical processing environments at a fraction of the price of super alloys.

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See Dursan and Silcolloy in action: ASTM G85 Salt Spray testing -

Both coatings are unharmed after >8000 hours of salt spray exposure.

SilcoTek's coatings are extremely thin (~1µm) and do not interfere with design tolerances.  The environmentally benign treatments bond at the molecular level to the substrate, providing flexible yet durable protection from corrosives.

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Dursan-coated parts look and perform great!