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Learn how SilcoTek coatings can improve the performance of your products and process.  Read our ebooks to get the latest performance data for your application.  Browse through our ebook selections or search for a topic below.

SilcoTek® 101

A comprehensive overview of SilcoTek® and its patented CVD coating process. Questions about how we can improve the performance of parts? What markets we serve? Ideal applications for using our coatings? This e-book answers your questions.

Keys to a High-Performance Analytical System

This e-book features tips about how to improve your analytical sampling system. The e-book features signs your analytical system is not performing optimally and how to tell if a flow path is inert (and why it matters).

An Introduction to Inert Coatings

Learn how to ensure your sampling system always delivers maximum reliability. This e-book contains tips on how to improve product performance with inert coatings and how to improve surface performance over passivation.

Managing Challenging Sampling Environments

Learn how to sample and test successfully in challenging environments. Manage moisture, corrosion and reactive compounds with inert coatings for your instrumentation and sampling systems while getting reliable and accurate results.

Troubleshooting and Protecting the Sampling System

Get our tips and strategies for solving industrial sampling problems. Learn how to solve sample cylinder inertness problems and sample transfer problems while improving sample transfer reliability in process and analytical systems.

Medical Application E-book

Learn how to achieve better bioanalytical results with SilcoTek® coatings. Our coatings e-book will discuss how Dursan® and other CVD coatings improve material performance and how inert coatings are ideal for bioanalytical and medical diagnostic applications.

SilcoTek® Coating Properties E-Book

A comprehensive analysis of coating characteristics and properties.

Coatings for Enhanced Heat Exchanger and Filtration E-book

Download the Heat Exchanger and Filtration e-book to learn how coatings can improve system fouling and corrosion resistance.

Silicon Coatings for Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing

Learn how high purity silicon coatings can improve corrosion resistance and prevent contamination in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.