GC Inlet Liner Deactivation Service

Siltek Liners SilcoTek Now Offers Re-Deactivation Services for Used GC Inlet Liners!



Improve the analytical performance of your GC with the ultimate surface treatment for precise, part-per-trillion level sampling. 


  • Signal loss
  • Peak tailing
  • Adsorption 


  • Peak Separation
  • Sensitivity
  • Baseline quality

An inert GC liner is critical for low level detection of sensitive compounds, efficient analysis, and reliable results.  New in 2014, SilcoTek® will re-deactivate any liner from any manufacturer – all shapes and sizes – with the industry’s most popular inert coating, SilcoNert® 2000, also known as Siltek®.


Achieve the lowest levels of detection for:

  • Chlorinated pesticides (EPA 8081)
  • Semi-volatile Organics (EPA 8270)
  • OP pesticides
  • Ammonia NOx and SOx
  • Sulfurs
  • More


Improve response
SilcoTek makes the process easy!

Send us your used liners, we’ll apply our hydrophobic glass coating and return your liners to you clean and ultra-inert in 10 business days or less.  Get a quote and see how easy it is to improve performance!


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