SilcoTek Manufacturing Capabilities

Can SilcoTek Coat My Parts?  

Inspection-CylindersYes!  SilcoTek® can coat most parts including intricate precision components.  We do have material and part size limitations.  Read the summary below to review part size, material compatibility and tubing limitations for coating service.  SilcoTek is growing and we are constantly expanding our processing capabilities.  Even if your parts exceed the capabilities and dimensions listed below, please contact our team to discuss possibilities for your application.


Part Size

  • Largest overall part size: 2.032m x .76m ID (80in x 29.92in ID)
  • Smallest part size: Approximately 1mm (0.039in)  Call us to discuss.

Tubing Capabilities

SilcoTek® offers two processes for coating tubes:

Coiled/Rolled Tubing  Coiled Tubing

  • Coated internally-only 
  • Maximum continuous length: 
Max coil length table (003)
  • Maximum coil OD for tubing > 1/16" OD: 36"
  • Maximum coil OD for tubing 1/16" OD or smaller: 18"
  • Must be shipped on a metal spool or bound with metal wire.  No spools made of wood, plastic, or other flammable materials.

Straight Tubing Sticks  Straight Tubes

  • Coated both internally and externally
  • Maximum length: 80"

Dursan Tubing Limitations

Material compatibility 

Go to our material compatibility chart to learn about materials that can be coated.


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