Company Mission and Core Values

A Successful Company is Defined by How We Treat Each Other and Our Customers


SilcoTek's mission is to provide game-changing coatings for our customers.

What does this mean for you? It means you are doing business with a company where “employees enjoy coming to work as much as going home” and where employees are passionate, enjoy working with each other, and work in an atmosphere based on mutual respect and trust. You'll see the SilcoTek® difference in every order you place.  Watch our team video to see how we perform.  Just click the team photo below to watch our video. 



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SilcoTek’s Z.I.P. Code:

Our ZIP code guides the conduct we follow each and every day.  It creates a culture of success for SilcoTek® and our customers.

What does Z.I.P. mean?  

Zero Disappointments

                                        We strive for a perfect coating process from quote to shipping, every time.

Integrity in all we do:

                                        We are open, honest, and admit mistakes.

Plus 1 Customer Service:

                                       We aim to go above and beyond every time you interact with us.  

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Our Core Values- FISHING

      Our Z.I.P. code guides our conduct.  FISHING best describes how we roll.  What does FISHING mean?  


Fast Failure

Our first belief is “Fast Failure” meaning we admit and learn from our mistakes, correct our error and move on.


Innovation will ensure long-term growth and encourages employees to embrace change. We must get better and smarter every year. Innovation not only applies to products and processes, it applies to our management structure, our buildings, our policies and they way we treat each other. We are innovative in all ways of the business.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is the way management treats employees. We believe the role of leadership is to support, coach, teach, and help every employee be successful. Leadership exists solely to help others be successful in their careers.


Honesty is the root of our success. When employees trust and respect each other, there is no limit to what can be achieved!

In the Light

In the Light defines our transparent and collaborative culture with both customers and employees. We partner closely with customers to solve their most complex challenges with materials and chemistry. This process is accelerated by openly sharing our expertise and the details of our coating processes. Internally, SilcoTek proactively shares financial information and business strategies with all employees to gain a wider perspective and foster a sense of ownership within each team member. In the Light establishes a foundation of integrity in all our actions.

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning is a belief that we have that places accountability on every employee to learn new things every year. We believe the role of leadership is to help every employee write their resume and make themselves more valuable. If something were to happen to SilcoTek, every one of our employees could get a good job elsewhere because they kept their skills sharp. We believe security lies in the abilities of our people.

Give it all You've Got

This one is self-explanatory! We are careful to hire exuberant individuals who go the extra mile, who exude positive energy, and who have fun every day at their jobs. You can’t enjoy “coming to work every day as much as going home” if you don’t take time to laugh and enjoy your work.


 Think you've got what it takes to be a part of SilcoTek?


The characteristics and expectations of a SilcoTek employee


  • Teach and apply SilcoTek’s Vision, Mission, Zip Code and DNA.
  • Participate in meetings with a commitment to an open sharing of ideas and opinions.
  • Attend all company-sponsored functions and meetings whenever possible.
  • Support team decisions with unity once the decision is made.
  • Seek opportunities to WOW our customers and know when to say “we don’t know”.
  • Become involved in community and professional groups, balance family and work time with equal exuberance.

  • Serve and Coach; help others in pursuit of their personal and professional career goals.
  • Present a positive attitude, show energy in your interactions, be proud of your work and Make It Fun.
  • We are a team; deflect the spotlight of success to others.
  • Never stop learning; be a life-long learner.
  • Work tirelessly to build motivation, respect, and trust in peers and employees; Forgive.
  • Display ethics, integrity, honesty, courage and embrace humbleness.
  • Respect diversity in culture, ideas, and beliefs.
  • Expect the best of others; give the benefit of the doubt and don't jump to conclusions.

  • Communicate SilcoTek’s vision, culture and core practices.
  • Confront and resolve conflict with a win-win attitude – look for the “And”.
  • Work together; focus on behaviors – not people.
  • We are in the light; share information and pass information to others whenever possible.

  • Accept accountability for your successes and failures as well as those of your team.
  • Set a positive work example and act responsibly and safely.
  • Be a planner; be organized, be prepared and be on time.
  • Check e-mails and voice mails daily. Change voice mail and update the outlook calendar when you will be out of the office.
  • Read trip reports and other professional reports. Provide feedback.
  • Follow-up when you are asked to do something—let the person know it has been handled with “check”

  • Give consistent, positive Reinforcement.
  • Acknowledge employee’s anniversaries, birthdays, and personal milestones