Install a Coating System at your Facility 


Planning to scale-up your use of SilcoTek coatings?  Need more control of your supply chain?  Learn about on-site coating.

If you're an OEM or simply have a high demand for coated products, you can bring SilcoTek coatings in-house by licensing the technology.  On-site coating eliminates the need to ship your parts to our facility for treatment and gives you ultimate production flexibility and control.


What it takes to license

✓ Proven success with SilcoTek coatings

✓ Work alongside our business and engineering teams to create a licensing plan to meet your needs 

✓ Capacity to house a large industrial oven system, surface prep., and more components

✓ Insurance and environmental approvals in your locale

✓ Enough coating demand and production volume to justify high equipment utilization



How it works 

Step 1. Qualification

Once you know that SilcoTek coatings perform well in the field and demand is high enough, bringing the technology to your facility can prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

Step 2. Education - Understanding your Needs

It is important for our team to become familiar with your business, coating performance requirements, and the challenges you face.  This will help us develop a turn-key processing solution that fits your operation for years to come. 

As a coating service provider, we encounter a variety of business situations and will be flexible in developing the right licensing approach that makes you successful.  Whether it's building and installing the system for you or executing a technology transfer, we find an approach that's tailored to your business.

Your understanding of the SilcoTek chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating process is also key, so we work with you to make sure that you have the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Step 3. Implementation

SilcoTek provides technical and engineering support as needed to meet your implementation needs.  Our level of involvement is up to you once we assure the coating system's safety and performance meets our standards.

Step 4. On-Site Production

You treat your parts with our high performance, great-looking coatings while improving your bottom line and providing more value to your customers. 

We remain available to answer questions, provide training, and conduct occasional service visits. We inform you of new R&D developments from our headquarters and continuously communicate so you are outfitted with the best practices, best equipment, and best coatings at all times.


Want to learn more or discuss licensing options?

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