MicroSolv Technology Corporation

MicroSolv Technology Corporation

MicroSolv Technology Corporation is a privately held company in the USA that acquires, develops and manufactures technologies such as TYPE-C™ HPLC columns, RSA™ autosampler vials, syringe filters, HPLC fittings, Capillary Electrophoresis dynamic coatings and other tools for Separation Sciences.  MicroSolv serves chemistry, medical and clinical R&D, environmental, forensic and biological laboratories worldwide. 

SilcoTek has partnered with MicroSolv to provide chromatographers a direct source of inert, high-quality HPLC column hardware that is optimally packed and ready to use off the shelf.  Dursan®-coated Cogent™ HPLC columns enable highly sensitive and robust liquid chromatography performance in a variety of pH conditions.  Contact MicroSolv to experience the benefits of next-generation HPLC technology that is highly reproducible and is more versatile and efficient than PEEK or titanium.



Applications and Benefits

MicroSolv chose SilcoTek's Dursan® coating because we offer a high-quality metal free coating that improves the performance of stainless steel flow paths.  The benefits of Dursan® coated HPLC column hardware, like frits and columns include:

  1. Increased hardware robustness even under extreme salt or pH conditions. 
  2. Improved hardware inertness for many biological compounds.
  3. Improved hardware chemical compatibility with THF compared to PEEK.
  4. Improved hardware chemical compatibility without metal ion leaching problems.
  5. Improved results when testing oligonucleotides. 

The Dursan surface treatment uses a functionalized, silica-like coating to improve the inertness of stainless steel frits and column tubes. The coating is very robust and thin (~400 - 1600nm) that modifies the contact surface your analytes come in contact with to be metal free and hydrophobic.

How To Order

MicroSolv HPLC, analytical, and separation products are available through their extensive distribution network which includes VWR International and Cornerstone Scientific in North America, VWR, ML Lab Friends, PM Separations, RiKi Global Trading PVT and others throughout the world. Click HERE for more details about their resellers.

  1. Click here to view a product listing of MicroSolv’s Cogent HPLC column offering that can be outfitted with Dursan®-coated hardware.
  2. Order Dursan-coated columns by:
    Creating an account and placing an order directly on MicroSolv’s e-commerce website.
    Submitting the customer service contact form.
    Voice: 1-732-380-8900
    Toll-Free: 1-888-248-4972 (U.S. only)
  3. Dursan can be applied to any metal HPLC flow path components.  Contact SilcoTek directly if you have specific coating questions or would like to evaluate a custom coating request.