The Ultimate Inert Coating for Supercharged Analytical Performance

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What Is SilcoNert?

SilcoNert® is a flexible silicon coating that makes flowpaths inert for better process control and consistent sampling and analytical results.  The patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process bonds the coating to stainless steel, alloy, ceramic, and glass, making a high tolerance durable coating even under extreme temperatures and pressures. 


  • SilcoNert® 2000 (Siltek®/Sulfinert®): The ultimate inert silicon coating.  Ideal surface for sampling & transfer in analytical, stack, process, oil & gas applications.   Most inert surface for critical flowpaths. 
  • SilcoNert® 1000 (Silcosteel®): A general purpose barrier coating that prevents contamination, catalysis, and out-gassing.  Ideal for high purity and extreme temperature applications.


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SilcoNert® eliminates surface adsorption of active compounds like sulfurs, H2S, ammoniaVOC's, and mercury on stainless steel, alloys, glass, ceramic and carbon surfaces.  Coating critical flowpaths with SilcoNert will eliminate surface adsorption and reactivity, improving analytical and process reliability.

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             Analytical    Chemical Process        Stack & Flare    Oil & Gas/ refining
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SilcoNert Benefits 

The "Killer App" for analytical & process systemsAssorted-Sulfinert-Sampling-Parts.jpg


  • Improve testing reliability, no more retesting
  • Increase lab efficiency, fast response 
  • Improved process control
  • Stop duplicating sampling effort
  • Fast accurate results the first time every time
  • Reduce cost, improve plant efficiency



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Thousands of customers worldwide have benefited from SilcoNert® inert coated flowpaths.  

  • Beat the competition and make your instrument respond faster with more accurate results.
  • Make a higher purity product 
  • Increase product throughput

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Unsurpassed Inertness

  • Accurate response

  • Fast calibration

  • No adsorption

  • No retesting

  • Improve efficiency




Active compounds can be lost in the sample pathway before they can be tested; impacting process control and voiding analytical results.  The chart above shows that after just a few hours of exposure to uncoated stainless steel, reactive H2S and other active compounds are completely lost.  The SilcoNert® 2000 coated sample cylinders are able to retain the sample for 7 days or more, taking the guesswork out of sampling.  (Data credit: Restek® Corporation).  

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