Anti-Coking & Anti-Fouling Coating For Automotive and Aerospace Applications

                                   SilcoKlean   US Patent 6,444,326    

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About SilcoKlean®


SilcoKlean® 1000 is a high temperature precision anti-coking coating, designed specifically to reduce carbon coking and fouling on stainless steel and specialty alloy surfaces. SilcoTek's patented non-line-of-sight CVD process produces a flexible, high durability silicon layer that conforms to the most intricate surface, while maintaining high dimensional tolerances. SilcoKlean 1000 layer will flex with metal surfaces, and form leak-free seals, even under the most demanding high temperature conditions. 

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Our fouling resistant coating extends maintenance cycles for engines while maintaining high dimensional tolerances, high temperature capability, and leak-free sealing; making it an ideal treatment for engine components, stack nozzles, or precision instrumentation:

  • Fuel injection nozzles
  • Fuel and oil lines
  • Engine nozzles
  • Pistons
  • Refining
  • Stack sampling
  • Gas turbines
  • Stationary power


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SilcoKlean Benefits  

SilcoKlean® prevents exposed metal surfaces from catalyzing fuel into carbon filaments;reducing carbon fouling or coking by 8-fold when compared to an uncoated 316 stainless steel surface.  The benefit?  Lower operating cost and less maintenance.  

             SilcoKlean Benefits

  • Extend maintenance cycles

  • Improve long term performance and reduce emissions

  • Stop fouling of aftercoolers and heat exchangers

  • Reduce fouling during stack and flare sampling

  • Stop clogging of valves and fittings in refining


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Achieve Maximum Performance

SilcoKlean® reduces the formation of carbon by preventing exposed metal surfaces from catalyzing fuel into carbon filaments.  Our high durability silicon surface reduces carbon fouling by 8-fold when compared to an uncoated 316 stainless steel surface.  (Data Credit: Oltin, Venkataraman, Eser; Pennsylvania State University; "Analysis Of Solid Deposits From Thermal Stressing Of JP-8 Fuel On Different Surfaces On A Flow Reactor", University Park, PA.)


Prevent carbon build up and fouling with an easy clean surface

The SilcoKlean® coated surface (left) does not promote carbon filament growth, preventing damaging coking and fouling formation (right).  Particulates deposited on the coated surface can be easily removed with mild sonication; ensuring peak performance. (Data Credit: The Pennsylvania State University)

Carbon nucleation lands on the surface but can easily be removed from a SilcoKlean 1000 surface.

fig 3 silcoklean A resized 600

Untreated stainless steel promotes carbon filament growth that cannot be removed with sonication.

fig 3 silcoklean B



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