Coating Applications for Gas Chromatography

Improve Resolution, Sensitivity, and Response.  

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SilcoTek® coated analytical components provide an inert sample flow path, preventing interaction of the test analyte with reactive surfaces like stainless steel, glass and ceramics.  The result?  An inert, non-reactive surface that will assure the entire sample reaches the detector unchanged.

The benefits of an inert flow path in gas chromatography and laboratory sampling systems include:                                                                                 

  • Faster response, save time get higher throughput
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Low peak distortion
  • Better peak resolution
  • Less sample carryover and contamination


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Coating Applications for Gas Chromatography

SilcoTek coatings are used in gas chromatography applications to prevent interaction of the test analyte with the flow path surface.  Our inert coatings like SilcoNert and Dursan prevent adsorption, reactivity, and improve surface corrosion resistance.  Applications include:

  • Environmental 
  • Air monitoring
  • Process sampling
  • Food and fragrance
  • Forensic
  • Chemical agents
  • Pharmaceutical

An inert injection flow path is a critical factor in achieving consistent low level detection of sensitive compounds.  The industry’s most popular inert coatings, SilcoNert® 2000 and Dursan®,  prevent interaction of sample flow path, injection port and liner surfaces with reactive compounds, allowing the lab to consistently achieve the lowest detection limits for many industry standards relating to GC testing.

Achieve the lowest level of detection for:

  •   Chlorinated pesticides (EPA 8081)
  •   Semi-volatile Organics (EPA 8270)
  •   OP pesticides
  •   Amines
  •   Ammonia NOx and SOx
  •   Sulfurs
  •   More


GC Data

First we'll compare the performance of SilcoNert 2000 in sulfur analysis applications.  Reactive compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) get stuck in analytical systems, causing significant delays in response time.  SilcoNert® coated surfaces allow compounds to travel through critical flow paths unimpeded, offering near-real-time response and improving lab productivity.  Comparative data from CONCOA (below) show a nearly 10x improvement in response time for a SilcoNert coated flow path (blue line) compared to an uncoated stainless steel system when sampling part-per-million and part-per-billion level hydrogen sulfide.  

Concoa-H2S-Response-Time 2

Adsorption of reactive compounds in sampling and calibration systems can cost labs time and money.  A slow responding analytical system can complicate and delay troubleshooting of flow paths and gas delivery systems, causing major productivity loss and jeopardizing plant regulatory compliance. Inert coatings, like SilcoNert®, eliminate adsorption and give the analyst virtually real-time results. 

Comparing deactivation technologies demonstrate the benefit of an inert coating for the prevention of breakdown of reactive organochlorides.  The comparison below shows the Dursan coated flow path causes the least amount of breakdown of reactive analytes compared to common deactivation technologies.  This assures all the sample reaches the detector and achieves the highest quality test results.


Solve Missing Peak and Peak Tailing Problems

A SilcoNert® coated flow path will reduce signal loss, peak tailing and chemical adsorption while improving peak separation, sensitivity and baseline quality.  A reactive flow path and GC column can result in peak distortion, lost peaks and overall poor chromatography (as seen in the example below left).  A truly inert flow path will dramatically improve chromatography quality.  SilcoNert coated GC surfaces prevent lost peaks and improve peak quality (as seen on the right chromatograph).  


GC Peaks Reactive flow.Lost peaks

A reactive surface results in peak distortion and lost peaks.

GC SilcoNert Good Peaks (002)

The SilcoNert coated flow path assures minimal peak distortion without lost peaks.





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To get the most out of your GC and sampling system, coat all reactive sample flow path components and systems.  This includes:

Calibration and spec gas delivery systems

  • Gas regulators
  • Tubing
  • Valves

GC components

  • Liners, injection ports, and weldments
  • Detectors & FID jets
  • GC columns
  • Ampules and needles
  • Transfer tubing
  • Valves and fittings
  • Separators and filters

Now labs have the option to deactivate liners, tubing, valves, fittings, injection ports, and virtually the entire sampling and test flow path.   

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