Improve Semiconductor & PV Corrosion Resistance, Purity, & Burn-in

SilcoTek coatings improve corrosion resistance, purity and performance of semiconductor and PV equipment.


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Silcolloy Coated Chamber

  • No burn-in or seasoning needed.

Get more from your process.

  • Increase yield

  • Improve Purity

  • Extend Equipment Life

Reduce cost!

  • Improve Corrosion resistance

  • Prevent ion contamination

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SilcoTek’s patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon coatings bond to the base metal producing a high purity, corrosion resistant, flexible surface.  Silcolloy 1000 is ideal for semiconductor and PV applications:

  • High purity silicon eliminates base metal contamination

  • SilcoTek’s CVD process coats intricate surfaces and can penetrate the smallest holes

  • SilcoTek® coatings will deform with tubing or process surfaces allowing radius bends and leak free seals.


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Silcolloy® 1000 significantly improves corrosion resistance

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ASTM G31 comparative testing show Silcolloy 1000 improves corrosion resistance in hydrogen bromide (HBr) by 7x or more.


Silcolloy reduces HBr corrosion


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Immersion of Silcolloy 1000 coated 316 stainless steel coupons into 6N hydrochloric acid shows significant improvement in corrosion resistance compared to uncoated 316 stainless steel.  Significant corrosion benefits, high purity, and reduced cost make Silcolloy 1000 the ideal coating for semiconductor and PV applications.


Silcolloy improves corrosion resistance

Improve reliability while reducing cost by up to 65%!   

Many 316L gas delivery systems exposed to corrosive environments are replaced within 5 years of installation.  Silcolloy 1000 extends the life of stainless steel components, reduces corrosion related field failures and eliminates the need for expensive super alloys.    Silcolloy 1000 demonstrates significant life-cycle cost savings compared to uncoated stainless steel or high performance alloys.


Silcolloy reduces cost


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