Our History


1985: Open For Business

1985, Paul Silvis starts Restek® Corporation, a chromatography company, located in one room of a former elementary school-turned-business-incubator.

1987: Our First Coating

Restek invents the original Silcosteel® coating as a way to make metal as inert as deactivated glass in analytical instruments.

1993: Expanding Our Capability

The coating team develops a method for treating other analytical components like valves, fittings, and custom components.

1998: Our First Patent

The coating team is awarded the first of many patents relating to CVD coatings.  Our ultra inert coating Sulfinert (now known as SilcoNert) is developed.

1999: In Space

Silcosteel treated air monitoring components are installed on the space shuttle Discovery, continuing our long involvement with coating sample flow paths for space exploration dating back to the MIR space station and Cassinni mission to Saturn.

2002: Becoming One

The coating team becomes it's own division within Restek, expanding into a dedicated coating facility.  We begin development of unique and dedicated CVD coating process equipment and continually improve our product.

2003: Expanding Our Horizons

We develop SilcoKlean and Silcolloy coatings to address customer needs in non chromatography applications like non stick and corrosion resistance.

2004: Recognition

R&D Magazine recognizes SilcoGuard® as one of the 100 most technologically significant products of the year. 

2006: Driving Innovation

Restek Performance Coatings is awarded 2 "Best New Product" awards at SEMA, the nation's top automotive specialty show.

2009: On Our Own

The coating team is spun off from Restek to form SilcoTek®, an independant company dedicated solely to offering high performance CVD coatings to a wide range of industrial markets.

2013: New Ultra Modern Facility

SilcoTek completes construction of a new ultra-modern coating facility.  The new facility more than triples capacity and improves our innovative coating process.

2018: The Growth Continues

SilcoTek achieves several manufacturing and sales milestones, opening the door for continued expansion.  The team begins development work on expanding both it's workforce and building.

2019: Our Plant Expansion Nears Completion

Our growth continues!  Throughout 2019 our building expansion team has been working with our contractor to complete construction of a 35,000 square foot expansion.  We're excited to move into our building addition by the end of 2019.

2020: SilcoTek Completes a Major Expansion

SilcoTek completes its plant expansion.  More than doubling our capacity and advancing our manufacturing systems.

2020: SilcoTek Expands Markets

SilcoTek continues to expand its footprint into existing and new markets.  HPLC, medical diagnostics, semiconductor, extrusion, and heat exchanger markets continue to grow at impressive rates.