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Helping to Solve Your Most Demanding Surface Challenges

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Helping you solve your most demanding surface challenges

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About SilcoTek

SilcoTek® is the world's leading provider of high performance inert coatings applied by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). We became a coatings company because we have a passion for helping people and businesses conquer their most difficult material challenges and to develop Game Changing Coatings that move scientific and industrial technology forward. SilcoTek offers custom coating services at our dedicated CVD coating facility. We don't sell coated products because we're solely focused on helping our customers improve their products.  

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Our Coatings

Whether for corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, or other properties, SilcoTek coatings perform in the most challenging material applications.  


Coating Properties

SilcoTek's patented CVD coating technologies help OEMs, labs, and factories get better results from the parts and systems that are critical to their bottom line.


Are SilcoTek Coatings Right for you?

SilcoTek coatings may be the perfect solutions for your application. Our capabilities and processes are an excellent fit if:

greencheck markAll parts being coated must be able to fit inside our ovens watch our coating process video. Click here for specific size capabilities.  

greencheck markHave a difficult material challenge in analytical, corrosion, semiconductor, oil & gas, HPLC, medical diagnostics, mold release, and more?

greencheck markHave an opportunity for improved material performance for materials such as stainless steel, metal alloys, glass, ceramics.

greencheck markParts are able to withstand our coating process temperature and be compatible with our process.

Have a question? Ask our Tech Team

Have a question? Ask our Tech Team

What Our Customers Say 

“We believe in high quality design and engineering, and SilcoTek coatings allow us to turn over to the customer a product that is high quality, low maintenance, and reliable.”

Justin Smith
Technical Services Manager

Smith Analytical

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