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About SilcoTek®

SilcoTek is the world’s leading provider of coating services using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. We have over 200 patents for coating materials and applications that are trusted by global leaders in semiconductor, analytical, life sciences, energy, and other industries. We perform our accredited coating processes and value-added services from our 80,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Pennsylvania, USA. 


Solutions for Your Application

SilcoTek’s patented CVD coating technologies help manufacturers and end users get better results from parts that are critical to their bottom line.

Coatings & Services

Our game-changing coatings and value-added services deliver high performance properties that alternatives can’t.

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What our customers say:

  • “The joint evaluation with SilcoTek is a good example of a productive collaboration. SilcoTek a-SiON (Siltride) coating performed better than 300% for uncoated, control parts, as our results show in the paper. This improvement significantly reduces the environmental footprint of semiconductor manufacturing.”


    Cesar Garza
    Staff Engineer

  • “SilcoTek is our preferred partner when it comes to coating requests as they consistently provide solutions with the same high degree of quality our customers have come to expect.”


    Billy Terry
    Sampling Systems Product Manager

  • “We believe in high quality design and engineering, and SilcoTek coatings allow us to turn over to the customer a product that is high quality, low maintenance, and reliable.”


    Justin Smith
    Technical Services Manager

  •  “The Dursan® coating helped reduce maintenance and cost of operation.”


    Armstrong International