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SilcoTek® CVD coating technologies are utilized in diverse applications and industry segments world wide. Since 1987, customers have relied on SilcoTek's ultra inert coatings to improve the performance of their products, expand markets and increase revenue.  Click on the applications below to discover how industries benefit from using our coatings, or request a coating quote.

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gas chromatography applications

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Our SilcoNert® and Dursan® coatings improve lab and instrument performance by creating a chemically inert flow path which prevents sample adsorption and reactivity.  Benefits include: fast response, improved sensitivity, low distortion, reduced carryover and contamination. Get more information.

semiconductor applications

Semiconductor Manufacturing

SilcoTek's high purity silicon barrier coatings protect critical surfaces from corrosion and contamination,   improving component durability and process yield.  Benefits include: improved corrosion resistance, prevent metal ion contamination, low outgassing, outstanding moisture control.  Get more information.

Refinery and petrochemical applications

Refinery & Petrochemical

SilcoTek coatings are used to line sampling and process flow paths including tubing, cylinders and reactors.  They improve analyzer response in flare, stack, and process monitoring systems.  Benefits include: Improved detection & reliability, robust regulatory compliance, fast and accurate results.  Get more information

medical diagnostics and IVD

Medical Diagnostic and IVD

Apply inert and non stick Dursan® to analytical flow path surfaces in clinical diagnostic instrumentation including precision needles, valves and sealing surfaces to prevent test errors.  Benefits include: prevent cross contamination, improve corrosion resistance, prevent sample adsorption improve moisture resistance.  Get more information.

Automotive applications


SilcoTek® coatings enhance the performance and reliability of engines by preventing the build up of hydrocarbons on critical fuel injector nozzles and lubrication surfaces.  Benefits include:  Extend maintenance cycles, improve engine reliability, improve long term fuel efficiency.  Get more information.

offshore and marine applications

Offshore & Marine

Stainless steel that’s treated with  Dursan® can perform as well as exotic alloys in salty and seawater environments, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of your equipment. Benefits include: Increase the life of metal filters, reduce maintenance, prevent instrument and probe damage.  Get more information.



SilcoTek coatings act as an inert barrier, preventing catalytic or chemical interaction with the underlying surface.  This improves corrosion resistance and component durability.  Benefits include: Improved reliability, improved corrosion resistance, improved durability.  Get more information.

Oil and gas

Oil and Gas Upstream

SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve detection of H2S and other sulfur compounds, allowing producers to accurately assess product quality.  Benefits include: Fast response, accurate results, improved detection, better well assessment means higher profits.  Get more information.

HPLC applications

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

CVD coatings like Dursan® create an iron-free, bio-inert flow path that minimizes unwanted interaction with proteins, peptides, chelating molecules, and other troublesome analytes.  Benefits include:  Improved durability and corrosion resistance, fewer test errors, less retesting, solvent resistant, and an ideal replacement for PEEK.  Get more information.

Watch our SilcoTek® coating process overview to learn more about how our coatings improve the performance of your products.