Next Generation Coating Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

  • Silcolloy
    Resistant to HBr, NF3, HCl
    and more
  • Dursox
    High durability CVD coating
  • Silcolloy
    Ultra-high purity silicon coating
  • Dursox
    High purity corrosion resistant
    silica-like barrier coating
  • Silcolloy
    Etch and deposition
  • Dursox
    Minimize metal ion
CVD coatings for improving yield and cutting downtime:
• Dursox™: corrosion and erosion resistant silicon oxide
• Silcolloy®: high-purity amorphous silicon


Silicon Oxide Dursox™ Coating fights Corrosion and Improves Semiconductor Device Manufacturing Yields


  • Etch: –Dursox high purity coating eliminates ion contamination in corrosive etch gas streams

  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): –Dursox enhances purity by coating of all chambers and equipment. Reduces carryover and corrosion

  • Epitaxy: –Dursox significantly reduces contamination and maintenance caused by corrosion

  • Ozone: –Stabilize flow path to assure ozone purity

  • Gas Transfer – Prevent ion contamination, assure high purity gases

  • Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP): Increase lubricity, prevent sticking and cut downtime

Semiconductor manufacturing processes utilize highly corrosive gases that damage process equipment and threaten high purity that is demanded by the industry.  While it's important to protect this equipment from these harmful effects, very few options are both pure and strong enough to offer a comprehensive solution.

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Dursox™­ offers significant resistance to corrosives common to semiconductor manufacturing.  Dursox_corrosion_Comparison_2_18_15

Coat the entire pathway for optimum corrosion protection and purity.

  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Mass flow controllers
  • Tubing
  • Fittings
  • Custom weldments and components
  • Showerheads


Silcolloy: oxidation and corrosion resistance

SilcoTek’s patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon coatings bond to the base substrate producing a high purity, corrosion resistant, and flexible surface.  Silcolloy® is ideal for semiconductor and PV applications:

  • High purity amorphous silicon eliminates base metal contamination

  • SilcoTek’s CVD process coats intricate surfaces and can penetrate the smallest holes

  • Coatings deform with tubing or process surfaces allowing radius bends and leak free seals.

Many 316L gas delivery systems exposed to corrosive environments are replaced within 5 years of installation.  Silcolloy extends the life of stainless steel manufacturing components by preventing corrosion from hydrogren bromine and other harsh process gases.    



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Silcolloy improves HBr corrosion resistance by 7x or more


Immersion of Silcolloy (silicon) coated 316 stainless steel coupons in 6N hydrochloric acid shows significant improvement in corrosion resistance compared to uncoated 316 stainless steel.  Significant corrosion protection, high purity, and reduced costs make Silcolloy a common choice for semiconductor manufacturers.


Silcolloy improves corrosion resistance


Why SilcoTek®?

SilcoTek helps semiconductor manufacturers meet cost and productivity requirements by improving the surface performance of stainless steel:

• Eliminate process variables caused by corrosion
• Save money via reduced downtime and maintenance
• Enhance yield and throughput

Our process is easy: send an email to or click here with details of the components that require treatment.  We will evaluate your information and work closely with you to find the ideal solution.  Then, simply send us your parts and we will return them cleaned, coated and ready to perform at a higher standard.

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