Improve Durability, Efficiency And Wear Resistance

Protect components and processes with Dursan® wear resistant coating.


Dursan is a solution for common material problems like: 


• Excessive wear • Frequent part replacement
• Heat discoloration • Component failure
• Lost productivity • High maintenance cost


Dursan, a high durability, low friction protective coating, improves wear resistance of stainless steel by 2x while eliminating heat oxidation effects.  ASTM G99 pin-on-disc results (below) compare wear rate of stainless steel vs. Dursan coated stainless steel.  

Dursan improves wear resistance significantly and can coat complex geometries without impacting design tolerances.


Dursan reduces wear by 50%

ASTM G99 Pin on Disc; 2.0N


Want to see performance data?  Download our report comparing wear resistance of Dursan vs. stainless steel ►


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Download Dursan's Tribology Testing Report from Nanovea: