Coatings For A New Standard Of Purity

SilcoTek® coatings redefine purity standards, chemical compatibility, and corrosion resistance in a variety of industrial and scientific applications.

SilcoTek high purity coatings

  • Fight corrosion

  • Improve process purity

  • Boost equipment life

  • Improve equipment efficiency

  • Save money & time



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SilcoTek’s patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon-based coatings bond to the base metal producing a high purity, corrosion resistant, flexible surface. 


Dursan prevents bleach corrosion


Minimize process contamination by preventing corrosive interaction with stainless steel and other materials, eliminating potentially harmful contamination of process streams.


In addition to corrosion resistance, SilcoTek coatings provide excellent chemical compatibility/inertness, non-wetting, anti-fouling, and barrier properties that cannot be achieved with polymer, ceramic, or other traditional coatings. 


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