Corrosion Resistant Silicon Coatings for Improved Semiconductor Manufacturing

Improve yields by preventing metal ion leaching, corrosion, and surface reactivity in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 
• Dursox™: corrosion and erosion resistant silicon oxide
• Silcolloy®: high-purity amorphous silicon


Application Benefits

  • Etch: – Eliminate ion contamination in corrosive etch gas streams

  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): – Maintain ultimate purity by coating exposed surfaces of all chambers and equipment. Reduces carryover and corrosion

  • Epitaxy: – Significantly reduce contamination and maintenance caused by corrosion

  • Ozone: – Stabilize flow path to assure ozone purity

  • Gas Transfer – Prevent ion contamination, assure high purity of gases, eliminate surface reaction

  • Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP): Increase lubricity, prevent sticking and cut downtime


Data - The Proof is in the Performance

Dramatically increase system lifetime without failure by coating gas delivery systems with our corrosion resistant, amorphous silicon-based coatings. 


Improve yields by completely shielding metal equipment from the process stream with an ultra-thin (<1µm), inert silicon coating that substantially outperforms yttria and other ceramic coatings.



Want to learn more?  Click below to download our presentation from ASMC 2017 to get a comprehensive overview of our coating technology and solutions for semiconductor manufacturing applications.  

View Presentation on Corrosion/Metal Ion Contamination


SilcoTek ASMC 2017 Presentation