Webinar - How to Improve Liquid and Gas Chromatography with Inert Coatings


SilcoTek's inert coatings create a metal-free flow path for gas and liquid chromatography systems - a critical feature for reliable analysis and maximum accuracy.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Understand the problems that you can run into without an inert-coated LC or GC sample flow path

  2. Learn more about how to improve sample reliability, accuracy, and instrument uptime with SilcoTek coatings
  3. See specific applications where a SilcoTek coating can help to improve your analyses and workflows

How to Improve your LC and GC with SilcoTek's Inert Coatings

Approximate Length: 50 Minutes


Click here to view the webinar.

lcgc webinar video thumbnail.jpg