Free white paper: SilcoTek Protective Coatings in a Venusian (Pure Supercritical CO2) Atmosphere

Over the past twenty years, NASA’s planetary exploration efforts have been focused on Earth’s neighbor, Mars. Due to its relatively benign atmospheric conditions, engineering of spacecrafts and rovers are one of the biggest hurdles to the exploration of Mars, as common materials such as steel can survive in its atmosphere.  Earth’s other planetary neighbor, Venus, is not nearly as friendly to common materials for space exploration.

This white paper will focus on the coatings that were tested and how they compare to the bare substrate in the Venusian atmosphere.

Learn how SilcoTek coatings:

  • Protect stainless steel surfaces in a Venusian atmosphere
  • Enhance part performance in challenging environments
  • Outperform thicker coatings andother material alternatives

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*This white paper is a summary of a technical report provided by the NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH. Please see last page of the paper for a full citation of this work.

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