Non-PFAS Coating Alternatives

Our Silicon Coatings Replace and Help Analyze Forever Chemicals

Replace PFAS like PTFE with Sustainable, High-Performance Silicon Coatings


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widely used chemicals in consumer and industrial products. PFAS are in cosmetics, non-stick cookware, food packaging, weatherproof clothing, and other common products people encounter every day. PTFE (Teflon®) and other PFAS are also found throughout industrial processes as coatings that improve chemical resistance, non-wetting, and other surface properties of metals. 

The use of PFAS chemicals is so widespread that they are detectable in the blood of humans and animals and are present at low levels throughout the environment. As a result of scientific studies linking PFAS to health and environmental problems, regulatory agencies like the EPA and ECHA have introduced proposals to significantly limit the use of these chemicals. SilcoTek's environmentally friendly coatings provide equal or often better performance than PFAS coatings like PTFE for a variety of applications. Read on to learn more. 


Benefits of SilcoTek Coatings vs. PFAS

Leading global companies and research organizations are proactively turning to SilcoTek’s CVD coatings as more sustainable alternatives to and upgrades over PFAS-based coatings: 

  • SilcoTek coatings are made up of the Earth’s elements like silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen and do not contain any fluorinated chemicals, solvents, or materials requiring special disposal. 

  • Our coatings have significantly higher temperature stability, flexibility, and density compared to PFAS like PTFE. 

  • SilcoTek’s coatings are chemically inert and serve as better barriers between sample streams and active metals than fluoropolymers. Our coatings are also highly corrosion resistant. 

  • Our CVD coating process molecularly adheres our environmentally friendly coatings to the substrate, creating superior adhesion over PFAS and giving coated parts the ability to bend and flex without risk of damage or flaking. 

Applications for SilcoTek Coatings as PFAS Alternatives 

SilcoTek coatings are already used as higher-performing replacements for PFAS coatings like PTFE in several applications: 

  • Tubing and piping of process systems, heat exchangers, and instrumentation 

  • Liquid and gas chromatography columns 

  • Valve bodies and components, including moving internal parts 

  • Medical devices and clinical instrumentation 

  • Sensors and probes 

  • Food processing surfaces of hoppers, chutes, augers, and more 

  • Flow path components in production of pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages

  • Packaging components  

  • Many more

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