Silcolloy® Coating

High Purity, Temperature-Stable Coatings with Excellent Acid Corrosion Resistance

What is Silcolloy®?

Silcolloy coatings offer the highest temperature stability of all SilcoTek® solutions while simultaneously preventing corrosion and contamination from metal, glass, and ceramic substrates. These coatings are made up of several layers of high-purity silicon (Si), the same material used to make semiconductors, which provides a dense film that effectively shields coated parts from their process environment. Silcolloy is widely used as a solution to improve the chemical compatibility of various materials and help stainless steel perform like corrosion resistant superalloys, creating significant cost savings for customers in semiconductor, laboratory, energy, and many other industries.

How is Silcolloy Applied to Your Parts?

Like all SilcoTek coatings, Silcolloy surfaces are applied using SilcoTek’s proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. Unlike typical liquid spray or dip coating methods, CVD is a completely non-line-of-sight process that uses gases at high temperatures to produce ultra-thin coatings which bond molecularly to the part substrate, creating superior adhesion compared to any other coating. This also means that even sub-micron sized openings, sharp edges, flexible components like bellows, and high aspect ratio flow paths are completely coated without requiring design changes.

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Applications & Benefits

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Silcolloy® Coated Product Examples

Circle S tube cross section

Silcolloy-coated S-Bend Tube

SilcoTek coatings are ultra-thin and conform to intricate threads without causing leaks or galling.

Circle flange

Silcolloy-coated Flange

SilcoTek coatings are applied via CVD, allowing a thin and uniform barrier layer to improve corrosion resistance. 


Silcolloy-coated Chemical Storage Vessel

When maintaining product purity is required, a metal-free solution such as a Silcolloy-coated tank will prevent corrosion and eliminate the risk of metal ion contamination.