Cleanroom Packaging Services

Protect Your Investments

ISO 6 Class 1000 Cleanroom Packaging Services Maintain the Purity of your Coated Products

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SilcoTek has invested in a large cleanroom facility to help customers reduce lead times and costs in their supply chain for high purity coated products. We can provide post-coating rinsing, drying, helium leak checks, and vacuum packaging from our ISO 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom. 

Our cleanroom uses HEPA filters to positively pressure the room, creating an environment that contains no more than 1000 half-micron particles per cubic foot. Filtration units create laminar airflow changing over the room air up to 240 times per hour, ensuring particulates stay out. Our cleanroom is designed with filtration units positioned over work areas to ensure parts are as free from particulate as possible through every processing step. 

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Cleanroom packaging and post-coating services are the final steps to ensure maximum integrity of your coated products: 

  • Protect sensitive hardware from contamination 
  • Customize labeling to meet specific requirements 
  • Safeguard your coated products for transit