Find a Sales Representative

Find a Sales Representative

SilcoTek Corporation - USA

Corporate Sales Office, North America Sales, and International Licensing.   Visit to learn more.
Contact information:
SilcoTek Corporation
225 Penntech Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone Number:  (814) 353-1778
Fax: (814) 353-1697

SilcoTek GmbH - Germany

The SilcoTek team offers sales, customer service and technical support to European Union markets.  Visit to learn more about SilcoTek’s German subsidiary. 

Contact information:

SilcoTek GmbH 
Hessenring 83
61348 Bad Homburg
Phone Number: 06172/38841-0
Email Address: 

SilcoTek GK - Japan

Located in Tokyo, Japan, SilcoTek GK serves the Asian markets with their customer service and expertise on our coatings. Dr. Kazuo Watanabe can help you with logistics, customer service, in stock analytical-sized tubing, and technical support. 

Contact Information: 


SilcoTek GK 

Shinjuku Park Tower N30F

3-7-1 NishiShinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo, Japan 163-1030 

Phone Number: 080-4720-6242

Email Address: 

Beijing Mingnike Analytical Instrument & Equipment Center - Beijing, China

Beijing Mingnike offers a wide range of coated products and expertise in petrochemical, gas, environmental, CEMS, food, pharmaceutical, and electronics applications. Go to: to learn more.  

Contact information:
Beijing Mingnike Analytical Instrument and Equipment Center
D1503 Xingyuanguoji Mansion
No. 222 Wangjingxiyuan Guangshunbei Ave.
P.R. China  100102
Phone Number: (86)-10-84723211

GSI Creos - Japan

GSI Creos works in collaboration with leading manufacturers to develop and bring to market a range of specialty products, including innovative raw materials for specialty coatings that are tailor-made to meet the demands of the market. Visit to learn more.

Contact information:
GSI Creos
Kudan Minami, 
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 
102-0074, Japan 
Phone Number: (81)-3-5211-1800

Hergu Technologies Co.. Ltd. - Shanghai, China

Hergu Technologies is SilcoTek's dedicated sales agent in southern China. Hergu provides sales, technical service, and logistics support for analytical, energy, and life sciences markets including GC, HPLC, petrochemical, medical devices, and more applications.
Contact information: 
Hergu Technologies Co., Ltd.
1502, #14
333 Liyuan Road
Shanghai, China 200011
Phone Number: (+86) 138 1736 0936

Hizen Co. Ltd. - Korea

Hizen is committed to developing products to lead advanced technologies in the areas of next-generation Environment/Energy /Petroleum and Petrochemical. Go to to learn more.

Contact information:
Hizen Co.
Techno 2-ro
34025, KOREA
Phone Number: (82)-42-380-8000

Standard Technology Corp. - Taiwan

With locations throughout Taiwan, STC provides technical support and special consultations for the semiconductor industry. Visit to learn more.

Contact information:
Standard Technology Corp.
1st Floor/3rd Floor
Lane 2,Section 2
Guangfu Road
Hsinchu City
Phone Number: (886)-3-5750305