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SilcoTek coating processes using our chemical vapor deposition technology are trusted in diverse applications and industry segments across the globe. Since they were first invented in 1987, SilcoTek CVD coatings have enabled game-changing innovations that improve products, expand markets, and drive revenue to our customers. Below are just some of the applications our coatings benefit beyond SilcoTek’s focus markets of semiconductor manufacturing, analytical chemistry, life sciences, and energy. 

  • Automotive 
    • SilcoTek® coatings enhance the performance and reliability of engines by preventing the build up of hydrocarbons on critical fuel injector nozzles and lubrication surfaces.  Benefits include:  Extend maintenance cycles, improve engine reliability, improve long term fuel efficiency. 
  • Aerospace 
    • SilcoTek coatings act as an inert barrier, preventing catalytic or chemical interaction with the underlying surface.  This improves corrosion resistance and component durability.  Benefits include: Improved reliability, improved corrosion resistance, improved durability.
  • Offshore and Marine
    • Stainless steel that’s treated with  Dursan® can perform as well as exotic alloys in salty and seawater environments, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of your equipment. Benefits include: Increase the life of metal filters, reduce maintenance, prevent instrument and probe damage. 
  • Plastics Molding and Packaging 
    • Our coatings help reduce sticking of plastics like PET, PU, PP, Nylon, and more onto metal mold surfaces, increasing yields and prolonging maintenance intervals. Also increases corrosion resistance of stainless steel molds.                                                                                                                   
  • Filtration
    • SilcoTek’s CVD coating technology is uniquely suited to coating metal filters of any pore size. Our gas-phase coating process penetrates even the tiniest porous media and significantly enhances filter performance without clogging. 
  • Defense
    • Military and defense operations require high-performance materials. These organizations are constantly searching for cutting-edge innovations to stay ahead of the enemy, and SilcoTek coatings offer many unique properties that help. 
  • Space Exploration 
    • Whether improving chemical analysis sensitivity for analyzing soil samples from Mars or improving corrosion resistance in the atmosphere of Venus, our coatings have a long legacy of aiding groups like NASA and their missions to outer space.
  • Research
    • Thousands of scientific and academic publications cite the use of SilcoTek coatings to modify the surface properties of materials. We can engineer surfaces to be hydrophobic, hydrophilic, non-catalytic, corrosion resistant, high temperature-resistant, and more. 


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