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What is SilcoNert®?

SilcoNert coatings, also known by the tradenames Sulfinert®, Siltek®, and Silcosteel®, are the industry standard for creating a chemically inert flow path in laboratory and process instrumentation. These coatings are made of amorphous silicon (a-Si) and often functionalized to achieve the lowest possible detection limits in separation science. This is especially critical for quantifying low levels of chemical compounds found in vehicle emissions, refinery gases, air samples, pesticides, VOCs, and more that are prone to reacting with and adsorbing to untreated metal surfaces.

SilcoNert 2000 is the flagship CVD coating trusted by chromatographers and process engineers across the globe to get the most accurate results instantly, eliminating time-consuming workarounds like priming or passivation. SilcoNert coatings allow users and manufacturers alike to enjoy the mechanical benefits of stainless steel while eliminating unwanted surface interactions that cause false readings, frequent maintenance, and process downtime. 

How is SilcoNert Applied to Your Parts?

Like all SilcoTek® coatings, SilcoNert surfaces are applied using SilcoTek’s proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. Unlike typical liquid spray or dip coating methods, CVD is a completely non-line-of-sight process that uses gases at high temperatures to produce ultra-thin coatings which bond molecularly to the part substrate, creating superior adhesion compared to any other coating. This also means that even sub-micron sized openings, sharp edges, flexible components like bellows, and high aspect ratio flow paths are completely coated without requiring design changes. For example, SilcoTek routinely coats gas chromatography (GC) weldments, columns, sub-micron filters, mass spectrometry (MS) components, and many other intricate parts. The thin, amorphous structure of SilcoTek coatings allows SilcoNert-coated parts like tubing to be flexed without damage and ready to install right out of the box. 


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Applications & Benefits


Coat critical instrument flow path components to improve test quality, eliminate sample contamination, and prevent adsorption.

Commonly coated parts: 

  • Inlet liners
  • Injection ports
  • Weldments 
  • FID jets
  • Columns and transfer tubing

Chemical Process

Coat process sample transfer components to improve system reliability and assure consistent product quality.

Commonly coated parts: 

  • Valves 
  • Fittings 
  • In-line filters 
  • Reactors and chambers 
  • Straight and coiled tubes 

Refinery & Petrochemical

Improve accuracy of feedstock testing and process monitoring while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Commonly coated parts: 

  • Sample probes 
  • Pressure regulators 
  • Sampling cylinders and vessels 
  • Exhaust gas components 
  • Heat trace tube bundles 

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