Notak® Coating

The Ultimate Hydrophobic Surface

What is Notak®?

Notak® is SilcoTek’s most hydrophobic and oleophobic surface treatment.  Applied via chemical vapor deposition (CVD), the patented Notak® coating process improves surface repelling properties to resist unwanted build-up of water, oils, sticky hydrocarbons, and other foulants.

How is Notak Applied to Your Parts?

Notak is a unique member of SilcoTek’s coating families. Notak is applied using a direct molecular fluorination of the base substrate. The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of this organo fluoro surface functionalization of the substrate is what allows this surface treatment to be so thin, uniform, and adhesive. The Notak CVD process is a completely non-line-of-sight process that uses gases at high temperatures to produce ultra-thin coatings which bond molecularly to the part substrate, creating superior adhesion compared to any other coating. This also means that even sub-micron sized openings, sharp edges, flexible components like bellows, and high aspect ratio flow paths are completely coated without requiring design changes. 

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