Coatings for Energy

Improve Performance and Service Life in Harsh Conditions

Increase Reliability and Efficiency of Critical Energy Process Systems


Energy exploration, production, and storage applications push materials to their limits. Complex chemical mixtures are processed at elevated temperatures to power the world, but corrosion and fouling result, requiring expensive maintenance and replacement. Precise real-time process monitoring is crucial to ensure product quality, avoid process upsets, and in some cases, comply with environmental laws for emissions control. A single hour of downtime can cost millions. 

SilcoTek’s proprietary anti-fouling and corrosion resistant coatings increase yields by improving the compatibility of alloys with fluids they contact. Our coatings are specified by major refineries for process analyzer flow paths to reduce adsorption and maximize measurement sensitivity. One of the world’s largest power plants trusts our anti-fouling coatings in coal gasification filters to significantly improve efficiency and prolong maintenance intervals. Our ultra-thin film coatings can withstand extreme temperatures yet impart no change to the heat transfer properties of alloys, ensuring seamless integration into process systems. 


Coating Benefits

SilcoTek’s coating processes enable high-performance surface properties on alloys in power generation, oil and gas exploration, refining, petrochemical, and renewable energy applications: 

  • Save money and reduce lead times with the performance of exotic alloys at a fraction of the price by improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. 
  • Improve fouling resistant properties in heat exchangers and high temperature fluid applications, prolonging maintenance intervals and boosting efficiency. 
  • Increase sustainability of operations while reducing environmental footprint. A more efficient process means less energy consumed and emissions generated. 
  • Add a margin of safety and reliability throughout your energy processes, from production to quality sampling and exhaust monitoring. 


Our coatings are trusted by many of the world’s largest companies for game-changing performance in a variety of energy applications: 

  • Downhole oil and gas sampling 
  • Heat exchangers  
  • Hydrogen storage and purity sampling
  • Coal gasification filtration
  • Biomass processing 
  • Crude distillation
  • Refinery and chemical process analyzers 
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Coating Services for Energy 

SilcoTek performs coating processes for energy customers from our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility on a wide variety of metal components, including but not limited to: 

  • Gas sample bottles 
  • Tubing and piping in both straight and coiled form 
  • Filters of any pore size 
  • Distillation grids 
  • Chemical chambers and vessels 
  • Pumps, valves, and fittings 
  • Probes and sensors 
  • Custom parts 

While our coating materials offer game-changing advantages, the processes we use to apply them are what make SilcoTek unique. We have perfected chemical vapor deposition (CVD) at scale, enabling economical coating of any part geometry at high volumes. Unlike spray coatings, SilcoTek ultra-thin coatings can be effectively applied to sub-micron pores like filter media and do not impact any engineering considerations like heat transfer or tolerances. 

Most Recommended Coatings

Siltride® 1000

SilcoTek’s most durable and corrosion resistant coating. Compatible with entire pH range 1-14. Enhances material lifetime in chlorinated and fluorinated environments. Maintains properties at extreme temperatures up to 700 C. Also hydrophilic (water-retaining), which can benefit some heat exchanger applications. Learn more.


Corrosion resistant to pH 1-14, highly hydrophobic (water resistant), and inert for sensitive analytical applications including downhole sampling of hydrogen sulfide, mercury and more. Great barrier to reduce metal ions from dissolving into process or sample fluids. Learn more.

Silcolloy® 2000

Highly corrosion resistant to acids and chlorinated gases. Greatest temperature stability, rated up to 800° C with melting point over 1400° C. Learn more.

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