Siltride® Coating

SilcoTek's Most Protective and Versatile Coating Technology

What is Siltride®?

Siltride is the newest addition to SilcoTek’s portfolio of game-changing coatings. These coatings are comprised of amorphous silicon oxynitride (a-SiOXNY:H), a robust chemistry that substantially improves corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, and electrical resistivity. As SilcoTek’s most hydrophilic or “water-attracting” coating, Siltride 1000 boasts a water contact angle as low as 10°, making it ideal for improving the surface properties of critical process flow paths in medical devices, life sciences instrumentation, and oil and gas facilities. New Siltride coatings are SilcoTek’s best solution for the most demanding applications.

How is Siltride Applied to Your Parts?

Like all SilcoTek coatings, Silcolloy surfaces are applied using SilcoTek’s proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. Unlike typical liquid spray or dip coating methods, CVD is a completely non-line-of-sight process that uses gases at high temperatures to produce ultra-thin coatings which bond molecularly to the part substrate, creating superior adhesion compared to any other coating. This also means that even sub-micron sized openings, sharp edges, flexible components like bellows, and high aspect ratio flow paths are completely coated without requiring design changes.

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Applications & Benefits

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Siltride® Coated Product Examples

Siltride Filter Housing Shadow-1

Siltride-coated Filter Housing

Reduce corrosion and equipment replacement with robust coating properties.

Siltride Tube Shadow-1

Siltride-coated Tube

Coated tubing allows for reliable sample transfer without fear of contamination.

Siltride Regulator Shadow-1

Siltride-coated Regulator

Protect components against corrosion and fouling for accurate results.