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Direct Line Partner, CONCOA treats its regulators and flow control systems with SilcoNert® to enhance their performance under extreme conditions whenever chemical inertness is critical.

420 or 430 series SilcoNert® 1020 coated regulators from CONCOA are intended for primary pressure control of reactive or corrosive calibration mixtures or pure gases in applications where an extreme inert wetted finish is required:

  • Reactive calibration standard
  • Emissions monitoring
  • H2S PPM to PPB standards
  • Mercury standards
  • Sulfur mixtures
  • Corrosive gases
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Product specialists from CONCOA’s growing list of distributors can help you order inert regulators coated by SilcoTek®.  Call           1-800-225-0473 (US) to order or click the link below to visit their website to learn more.

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