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Well known for pioneering the Genie® Membrane Technology and patenting its use in sample extraction probes, A+ Corporation offers simple solutions for complex sample extraction and conditioning problems. Acknowledging that sometimes exotic materials are needed for added protection but can be pricey, A+ offers their customers an inert and corrosion resistant flow path with SilcoTek® coated sampling equipment.

Ask for SilcoNert® 2000 (-SN), Silcolloy® 1000 (-CR), and Dursan for the added protection you need for:

  • Most inert flow path
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Superior sampling accuracy
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A+ Corporation’s network of global distributors can provide filters and sample probes coated for both ultimate inertness (SilcoNert 2000) and tough corrosion resistance (Silcolloy 1000).  For pricing and availability, contact your local A+ Corporation distributor.




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