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About Dursan®

Dursan® is a proprietary, patent pending, NSF certified and FDA compliant coating designed to improve the inertness, durability, fouling and corrosion resistance of products ranging from precision instrumentation to severe industrial applications.

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The coating will deform with part surfaces, allowing a leak-free seal or radius bend while maintaining high dimensional tolerance.  Flexibility and durability make SilcoTek coatings ideal for stainless steel tubing and stainless steel fittings.  But did you know we can coat valves, sample cylinders, regulators, fritted filters, mass flow controllers and other instrumentation.  In fact, we can coat not only stainless steel, but glass, ceramics, most steel alloys and super alloys.  As you can see, silcod technology is not about just stainless tubing.  

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Dursan's corrosion resistant, inert surface is the ideal coating for a wide range of applications.  From bio-technology to refining, our inert flowpath protects parts from corrosive attack while making the surface non reactive and contaminant free.

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        Corrosion    Pharma/Analytical      Chemical Process     Hydrophobicity    Oil & Gas/ refining
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Coating Benefits: Stop Rust With The Most Inert Corrosion Resistant Coating  

Improved corrosion resistance, inertness and durability assure your product achieves the highest performance possible.

  • Stop wasting money replacing corroded parts
  • Get control of your process
  • Improve process yield 
  • Durability and corrosion resistance of super alloys without the cost
  • Prevent costly false positive errors


     Corrosion Resistance in Action

Inert And Corrosion Resistant

An inert, high durability, corrosion resistant, hydrophobic coating is the logical choice for protecting and enhancing critical flowpaths in harsh environments. The high durability surface remains stable under the most extreme conditions assuring long lasting performance for both inertness and corrosion resistance.


Superior Inertness


Corrosion Resistance



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