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We want to make testing our coatings easy.  That's why we offer lots of data and technical support for our customers.  We also offer free coating samples to make your evaluation easier.  We'll also coat your test parts, often at little or no cost to you. 

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Some Notes About Our Test Sample Coupons and Coating Evaluation

  • Feel free to contact us directly via email at Quotes@SilcoTek.com or by calling +1 (814) 353-1778 (ext. 2 for technical service & sales).
  • Please do not submit proprietary information without having a signed non-disclosure agreement with SilcoTek.  Any information shared without a signed non-disclosure agreement may be used without restriction by SilcoTek.  

Coating Surface morphology 

SilcoTek’s CVD coatings are very thin (<2µm) and in general will not mask the microstructures of the substrate underneath. The features of the metal itself will show up in SEM examinations, so a coated rough surface may have a “cracked” appearance compared to a coated smooth surface.   To best understand the surface morphology of the coating itself under magnification, you should analyze a coated smooth surface. 

Read our report on coupon microstructure

In addition to corrosion coupons, SilcoTek offers 316L stainless steel sample coupons with both a rough and smooth side, so just let us know if you prefer this type of coupon in the notes of your sample request.