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logo_hycal.jpg"The service is quick and I am kept informed of all stages of my order and that I appreciate                                because of the nature of our business.
                               I will recommend SilcoTek to anyone who is in need of a cost alternative to modifying                                        products."
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How SilcoTek® Water Repelling Coatings Prevent Moisture Contamination, And Improve Process And Test Reliability.

SilcoTek's inert high temperature barrier coatings prevent hydrophobic interaction between critical flow path surfaces and your product.  Dursan®  and our new Notak™ coating improve moisture repelling properties of stainless steel, glass, and ceramic surfaces by 60% or more, minimizing wetted surface effects.  

SilcoTek®  Coating Benefits

Dursan® moisture repelling properties improve test quality, product yield and process efficiency.  Coating critical flow path surfaces help process engineers and analysts manage moisture and improve results.  Comparative studies show SilcoTek coated flow paths adsorb and retain significantly less moisture than an uncoated stainless steel surface.

         Dursan and Notak Benefits Include
  • Prevent product contamination
  • Eliminate moisture adsorption
  • Prevent system corrosion
  • Reduce purge and calibration time
  • Eliminate instrument burn-in

Dursan and our new Notak coating can be applied to most metal, glass and ceramic surfaces, making your product more moisture resistant.  Our high durability, hydrophobic coatings can be applied to complex wetted flow paths without changing part functionality.  Our patented chemical vapor deposition process bonds an inert moisture repelling coating to process systems, precision instrumentation, or sampling systems, solving moisture related issues such as:

  • Contamination
  • Sample loss due to adsorption
  • Test failures 
  • Corrosion
  • Calibration failures
Notak hydrophobicity static CA

Watch our video and see for yourself how our water repelling coating stops water and surface wetting.  See a water drop bounce off of our new superhydrophobic surface.

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Managing Moisture In Analytical Systems 

Improving High Temperature Hydrophobicity

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Dursan and Notak Applications

Dursan® and our new Notak™ coating are durable high tolerance coating that can be applied to complex wetted flow paths without changing part functionality.  Our patented chemical vapor deposition process bonds inert silicon to process systems, precision components or small, complex geometries.  Such as:

Small and large bore tubing Injectors & liners
Filters Sample Cylinders
Chambers and conflat seals Needles
Fittings & Valves Chip Substrates

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