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First, learn about our process and capabilities by watching our process overview video below.  Then, scroll down to see our scientists and engineers put our coatings to the test in rigorous applications.


SilcoTek® Process Overview

Learn how SilcoTek® coatings improve the performance of products and processes.  Get an inside look into our CVD coating process. Download the MP4 here »

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This test immerses two stainless steel ladles in hydrochloric acid (HCl). Will the Silco'd ladle from SilcoTek® corrode?


SilcoNert® has been improving the quality and accuracy of analytical applications with its inert chemical resistance for over 15 years.

Protect Your Steel With Dursan®

Discover the durability, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and inertness of Dursan®.

Hydrophobic Coating Demonstration

See the superior water resistance of SilcoTek®'s hydrophobic CVD coating.

Heat Resistance Demonstration

Watch as we turn up the heat on Dursan®. Will the coating fail under intense heat?

Low Temperature Demonstration

We drop the temperature to see if Dursan® can withstand cracking and peeling. How low can Dursan go?

Coating Flexibility Demonstration

We bend, smash and try our best to break our CVD coatings. See how SilcoTek® coatings remain intact even under extreme stress.

Abrasion Resistance Demonstration

We test the abrasion resistance of Dursan®. Will it remain bonded to the stainless steel surface?