Moisture Resistant Hydrophobic Coating, Dursan® & SilcoNert®

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SilcoTek’s moisture resistant, hydrophobic coatings, Dursan® and SilcoNert®, improve the performance of your process, sampling system or analytical instrumentation.

Dursan®, SilcoTek’s newest coating, is a high durability carboxysilane coating designed to improve surface moisture resistance, hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance.  Dursan’s intermolecular surface acts as a hydrophobic repelling barrier against moisture and corrosion; dramatically improving moisture contact angle, stopping water buildup and significantly improving system corrosion durability and moisture resistance.


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Dursan performance benefits:

  • Improve hydrophobicity and moisture resistance. 
  • Repel water intrusion into steel, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or other alloy surfaces.
  • Allow for fast dry down of surfaces.
  • Minimize water contact to instrument or flow path.
  • Reduce moisture interaction with product, improving product purity.
  • Resist corrosion and reduce system stabilization/start up tim.e
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Surface contact angle analysis show Dursan improves hydrophobicity by 3x or more. 

Hydrophobicity graph Sheet1Figure 1:  Comparative surface contact angle analysis shows Dursan repels water by up to 3x when compared to uncoated stainless steel.

How SilcoTek® coatings can make a difference.


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Moisture contamination can impair system performance of analytical instrumentation, gas containment, sampling, transfer systems, and other precision instruments.  The effects of moisture contamination can:

  • Contaminate or degrade sample quality
  • Increase sample instability
  • Reduce the life of precision gases
  • Corrode or damage precision instrumentation
  • Cause false positive or negative readings
  • Reduce process yields
  • Increase maintenance cost

Dursan coated fittingsSilcoTek’s hydrophobic coatings (Dursan™ and SilcoNert™ 2000) reduce moisture contamination and dramatically improve system response by 3x or more.

  • Dramatically improving moisture dry-down
  • Reducing contamination from moisture carryover
  • Reducing moisture related product loss
  • Reducing down-time and system failures






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