Aalloy Engineering

Aalloy Engineering

AALLOY ENGINEERING offers experience across a mixture of industries. Through custom assemblies, be it a simple routine assembly or a complex engineered fluid system or heat trace installation, Aalloy Engineering gives their clients exactly what they need. All Aalloy technicians and installers are well trained and certified to execute complex projects based on client specifications. Aalloy welding specialists are qualified in accordance  with section IX ASME to weld in Biopharm and Semiconductor.

Applications and Benefits

Aalloy Engineering chose SilcoTek® inert coatings to enhance the corrosion resistance, inertness, and analytical accuracy of their products. SilcoTek® coatings improve the material performance of heat trace tubing and fluid system surfaces; improving product yield, system durability, and analytical accuracy.   You can find Aalloy products and SilcoTek coatings in a wide range of applications and industries.  

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical 
  • Semiconductor
  • Bio & Pharmaceutical 
  • Process sampling & control instrumentation

How To Order

Contact an Aalloy representative to learn more about how Aalloy Engineering and SilcoTek® can improve heat trace tubing and fluid system performance in your application.