A+ Corp

A+ Corp

A+ prides itself on providing simple solutions for complex sample extraction and conditioning problems, as well as providing analyzer protection technologies. A+ pioneered the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect analyzers in both gas and liquid streams with their Genie® Membrane Separators™. Additionally, the company pioneered the technique of applying this technology in sample extraction probes for high pressure natural gas pipelines that can be installed under pipeline pressure. A+ helps customers reach better solutions to meet ever-tighter budgets with fewer resources.

Applications and Benefits

Standard product materials of construction may require extra protection in extreme environments. However, exotic materials can often be pricey, that's why A+ partnered with SilcoTek to offer specialty coatings for their line of sample conditioning components.  Specialty coatings are a great alternative to expensive exotic materials and are suitable for many extreme applications. 

How To Order

A+ Corporation helps to ensure product quality and availability through quality controlled manufacturing processes as well as a network of distributor inventory in more than 20 countries across the globe. Expert data, sound research and up-to-date training ensures that their customers remain knowledgeable and satisfied with A+ products and services. A+ continues to lead the market with exciting new technologies and products with more on the way. Go to the A+ website to find a distributor near you.