Airborne Labs

Airborne Labs

Airborne Labs International, Inc. (ALI) is a world-recognized, independent, commercial laboratory that is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited and approved by major international bottlers.

ALI staff consists of internationally recognized professionals who provide their customers with analytical testing services, advanced gas analyzer systems & technical products while continuously pursuing novel research designed to advance the art of Analytical Chemistry.

ALI has extensive expertise and specialize in gas & fuels analysis, as well as manufacturing & distributing gas analyzer systems & supplies.

Applications and Benefits

ALI offers a full spectrum of Silcotek® and PTFE passivated hardware for the most demanding trace impurity gas applications.  Passivated hardware is absolutely needed to obtain accurace trace analyte data for many impurities in a wide variety of gases. Examples include trace impurities in CO2, Sulfur agents in fuel-grade gases such as H2, trace odorants in fuel gases and critical impurities many high purity gases and gas mixtures. 

How To Order

ALI sales staff can assist with laboratory services, gas standards, detector tubes, and sampling equipment. Contact ALI by going to their website or email thier sales team at