Alta Robbins

Alta Robbins

Alta Robbins manufactures valves, air purification equipment, manometers and accessories for processes and products that demand the highest quality and reliability. Alta Robbins stocks valves with both SilcoNert® 2000 and Silcolloy® 1000 coatings in order to improve their chemical inertness and corrosion resistance.

Applications and Benefits

Alta Robbins chose SilcoTek because SilcoTek coatings offer part-per-billion level inertness while improving corrosion resistance and durability of products used in testing, monitoring and flow analysis processes. Alta Robbins valves offer the highest durability and quality. The difference is in the seat! Visit the Alta Robbins website to explore their high quality valves, air purification products and accessories.

How To Order

It’s easy to order Alta-Robbins valves coated by SilcoTek – just ask for suffix –SN2 for SilcoNert 2000 or –SL1 for Silcolloy 1000. Learn more by calling (801) 785 – 1114 to speak to an Alta-Robbins representative.