Beijing Mingnike

Beijing Mingnike

Founded in 1994, Beijing Mingnike Analytical Instruments (BMAI) became a specified technical consulting and services company, proposing complete solutions for clients who are interested in chromatographic analysis in research, academics, and industries. Mingnike provides a wide range of analytical instrumments and chromatograph consumables in China.

Applications and Benefits

Mingnike chose SilcoTek because SilcoNert®  coated chromatography products improve analytical response and sensitivity for difficult to test samples like sulfur, mercury, ammonia, and other reactive compounds. Mingnike's dedicated technical support staff assure customers get the right fit and performance making them the chromatographer's supplier of choice in China.

How To Order

Mingnike offers a wide range of coated products available from stock.  Click to See a List of Coated Products Available  In Stock From Mingnike

You can order SilcoTek chromatography products from Mingnike in China by visiting their website: