Bronkhorst High-Tech BV the leaders in Mass Flow Meter / Mass Flow Controller technology for gases and liquids, Pressure Controllers and Evaporation Systems. Brohkhorst develops and manufactures smart, sustainable and customer-specific low flow fluidics handling solutions. Their precise and reliable mass flow meters and controllers for liquids and gases can be found in laboratories, test-benches, machinery and a wide variety of industries world-wide.

Applications and Benefits

Bronkhorst High-Tech model F-201CZ Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are suited for precise control of virtually all conventional process gases. The SilcoNert®2000 coating ensures analytical system accuracy, sensitivity, inertness and durability in demanding applications. Transfer of streams containing active and corrosive compounds like H2S, sulfur compounds, hydrochloric acid, or chloride containing streams will benefit from the use of SilcoNert®2000 coatings.

How To Order

Bronkhorst is a truly world-wide organisation with an extensive network of distributors and service stations across the Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Go to their website to find a distributor near you.