Organized more than 20 years ago by gas industry scientists and engineers, today CONCOA is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of gas control devices. The only company that routinely assembles specialty gas regulators in a cleanroom environment, CONCOA provides systems and equipment that perform precisely, under demanding conditions in diverse applications. Built for industries ranging from analytical, scientific, aerospace, environmental, and pharmaceutical, to electronic, medical, petrochemical, and metalworking - for those that require only the best

Applications and Benefits

Direct Line Partner, CONCOA treats its regulators and flow control systems with SilcoNert® to enhance their performance under extreme conditions whenever chemical inertness is critical. 420 or 430 series SilcoNert® 1020 coated regulators from CONCOA are intended for primary pressure control of reactive or corrosive calibration mixtures or pure gases in applications where an extreme inert wetted finish is required:

  • Reactive calibration standard
  • Emissions monitoring
  • H2S PPM to PPB standards
  • Mercury standards
  • Sulfur mixtures
  • Corrosive gases

How To Order

Product specialists from CONCOA’s growing list of distributors can help you order inert regulators coated by SilcoTek®.  Call 1-800-225-0473 (US) to order or visit their website to learn more.